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Vivian B
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Vivian McGinnis
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(© Mark Haury)

Voyager 0263464
(© Glen Daigrepont)

Voyager 0563475
(© Tom Waller)

(© Eric M. Johnson)

W. A. Kernan
'Towboat Joe' Brown)

W. C. Binion, Jr.
(© Capt. Billy Smith)

W. C. James
(© Dicks Towboat Gallery)

W. Douglas Masterson, 8/2011 (Helen H)
'Joliet George' Reichhardt)

Dick's Towboat Gallery
Featuring Towboats on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers
Richard E.(Dick) Dunbar, Proprietor
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Jackie 1161151
(© Mark Haury)

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This web site is dedicated to the display of pictures of and information about towboats on the rivers of the United States. Over the years, quite a few tugboats have been incorporated as well. For pictures of and information about riverboats other than towboats or tugboats, check out . One of the many joys of living and boating on the Mississippi River is the opportunity to observe the passage of large towboats plying their way up and downstream, engaging in commerce, carrying huge loads of grain, coal, petroleum products and other goods. Over the years I accumulated a collection of pictures of towboats as they passed by our home. Originally, this web site was to display those pictures, mostly taken by me in various locations around St. Paul, MN, primarily near mile 819.4 on the Upper Mississippi River (UMR), about twenty miles downstream of St. Paul. However, a funny thing happened along the way. Thanks to the efforts of many fine folks who have contributed pictures, information and assistance (see CREDITS below), this web site can no longer be considered as primarily devoted to one area. It now contains pictures taken in locations up and down the Mississippi, Ohio, and other rivers. Some of the earlier photographs were taken long ago, while the latest ones were taken in the last few weeks or days. Alas, I no longer live on the river, so my personal opportunities for towboat photography are much more limited. So I must depend on you and others with an interest in towboats for most of the photos displayed in my Towboat Gallery.

If you have good photographs you have taken of towboats on the Mississippi, or the Ohio, or any of the Western Rivers, and you would like them displayed here, send them to me via an e-mail attachment, and I will post them along with the proper credits. I may adjust color balance, brightness, contrast, etc., and/or crop them as I feel necessary, although I'll try to disturb your work as little as possible. Photos are typically displayed here at 640 x 480 resolution, but I prefer starting with higher resolution photos so that there is more leeway for cropping. My e-mail is on broadband, so any resolution that's not too painful for you to upload is OK. Please be patient; this is a one-man hobby operation, and sometimes it takes quite a while for me to get your photos posted.

Disclaimer: Dick's Towboat Gallery is a private, non profit entity, a one-man hobby operation. It is not affiliated with any company or companies in the towboating or any other industry or business. Vessel or company names and/or logos that appear in photographs, or in accompanying information, are incidental, and do not imply any association.


Where known, the size and power of the towboat, documentation number, ownership and name change history are shown along with the photograph(s). Boat pages added or updated starting in mid-December of 2010 also contain ownership history as well as engine and machinery specifications. Most of this and other information shown has been derived from the 2018 and earlier editions of the "INLAND RIVER RECORD", edited by the late Dan Owen, who will be sorely missed. Copies are available through "The Waterways Journal".

Others who have contributed photographs and/or information to the Towboat Gallery are listed below  (Names in black are those who are known to have passed away since their contributions):

    Rex Agnew   Andrew Albertson   Bill Alden   Kenny Allain
    Joseph Allemond   Jim Alt   Scott Alvey   John Ambrose
    Joe Angert   Jim Armstrong   Steve Authement(Master Marine)
    Jimmy Bade   Myron Balchin, Sr.   John Banicki   John Barnhill
    Capt. Les Barrois   Dave Bauerbach   Mickie Bello   Charles Bernhardt
    Rusty Besanson   Mike Bevins   Roger Blanchard   Mike Blitgen
    Manfred Boehmer   Carel Boon   Tracy Bowie   Kevin Box
    Chris Brewer   David Bridges   Chris Brown   Joshua Brown
    'Towboat Joe' Brown   Larry Brown   Ted F. Brunt   Josh Burgess
    Kyle Caddell   Steve Campion   Mark L. Carl   Capt. Jerry Carlton
    Rex Carlyle   Danny Casey   Heather Cecil   Gale Chapman III
    William P. Cheshire   Joe Cieslak   Steve Colby   Bruce Congdon
    Katie Cook   Capt. Matt Crafton   Lee Creech   Craig Creppel
    Kasey Cummings   Glen Daigrepont   Dan Dalrymple   Linda Day
    John E. Dawson   Albert Dewailly   David Dewey   Greg Dickerson
    Shawn Dickerson   Don Dixon   Phil Dufrene   Rory Dupre
    Todd Dunbar   Chris Dunn   Capt. Sam Elliott   Barbara Agnew Ellis
    Frank Ellis   John Ellis   John L. Evans   Ray Falk
    Capt. Bob Felch   R. J. Floyd   Kent Furlong   William Gaudet
    Tom Geier   Justin Gerard   Chick Gerber   Jonathon Gibbs
    Bill Fryer   Capt. Tom Gerry   Kim Gleason   Andy Grant
    Chris Graves   Michael Gremillion   Barry Griffith   Don Grot
    Bill Haines   Harley Hall   Scott Hardin   Mark Haury
    Jason Hausman   Joe Hawkins   Capt. Brandon Hayes   Thomas Hegland
    Rick Helmerdinger   Michael Herschler   Robby Hess   David Hibbs
    Dave Hicks   John Holbrook   Mark Hovis   Jon Hudson
    Steve Huffman   Judi Hughes   David Jackson   Kris Jacobi
    Woody Jasperson   Eric M. Johnson   Stan Johnson   Tom Johnson
    Tony Johnston   Zane Johnston   Erek Kahl   V. J. Kennedy
    Jessica Kirby   Rolf Klein   Ladonna_Knoth   Sue Kossow
    Chuck Krwszewski   Mark Kuntz   Richard L. Kurtz   David L.
    Matt Lagarde   Blaine Landry   George Lange   Kyle Larson
    Tim Laughlin   Todd Lehman   J. R. Liemberg   Justin Lunceford
    Brent Maletic   Jeff Manning   Marv Market   Ed Mars
    Shawn Martinez   W. Matherne   Arloe Mayne   Sheldon McDonald
    Jason McPhearson   Karen Meder   Darrin Melvin   Jim Mihalek
    Chad Miller   Joe Miller   John R. Miller   Capt. Tim Miller
    Ed Moe   Walter Morris   Karl Morley   Matt Morrow   Benjamin Mudd
    Fran Mullen   Henry Mullen   Chuck Myers   C. R. Neale III
    Will Nelson   Mark Nichols   Adolfo Nunez   Mike Oliger
    Joe Orban   Bill Otten   Dan Owen   Tom Parks   John Payne
    Hayden Pearson   Jerry Pennington   Marian Phillips   Mark Phillips
    Sonny Pierce   Bill Pilger   Jason Pitre   Tommy Plaisance
    Nick Ploysa   Lee Powell   Tim & Lori Powell   James Pyle
    Michael Quinton   Rudi Rabe   'Joliet George' Reichhardt   Ron Richardson
    John Riley   Don Rodriguez   Joshua Romero   Sean Romero   Dan Ross
    Jim & Adam Ross   Jeremy Runde   Eric Schade   Linley Schmidt
    Joe Schneid   Brian Sedlvy   Chris Shelby   Howard Simpson
    Laurie Skrivan   Capt. Billy Smith   Dale Smith   David Smith
    J. Cecil Smith   Patrick Smith   Danny Stafford   Greg Staton
    Darren Steuber   Ron Stricklen   George Stringham   Shane Strouse
    Capt. Laurence Suire   Nels Swanson   Jeremy_Tardy   Dustin Taylor
    Roger Theide   Andy Thomas   David Thompson   Bill Toninato
    Ed Tremewan   Chris Verdun   Howard C. Vidrine   Tom Waller
    Paul Welsh   David Wetzel   Edward Wilhite   Timothy Wilkerson
    Trey Wilkinson   Rob Williams   Scott Wood   Chad Wray
    Jeff L. Yates   Patrick Yough   Brian Zody   'Old River Bill' Zumwalt

Many thanks for your contributions. They are greatly appreciated.


A few of the towboats in this collection are unidentified, either because the name was not visible due to the angle of the photograph, or it was unreadable. These are displayed under the heading Unidentified Towboats. If you recognize one of these unidentified vessels, please send me an e-mail, using the link near the bottom of the page. I would love to have all the boats in the gallery identified.


Click on the main image above or on any towboat name in the menus on the left, and you will be taken to a page containing the photo(s) of that towboat. Click on any image in the thumbnails list below the menus on any page, and a larger version of that image will replace the main image on the then-current page. Clicking on one of the arrows next to the thumbnails list on any page will rotate the list up or down. Clicking on the or links above the main image on any page will cause a larger version of the next or previous image in the thumbnails list to replace the current image. Clicking on the link above the main image will cause all the photos for that boat to be shown one after the other, continuing until some other link is selected. Enjoy!


There's a Slide Show feature that works for all Towboat Gallery pages other than the home page. If a page has more than one photo, a link will be located between the and links, just above the main photo. Clicking on the link will start a slide show of all the photos of that boat. The slide show will continue until you make another menu selection, click on a thumbnail image, or click on one of the , or links. Enjoy!


When you first enter the Towboat Gallery, you will see a "Select Desired Menu" menu with a choice of several menus; the first shows the boats in alphabetic order by name; a second menu with the boats in order by length, longest first; a third menu with the boats in order by power, highest first; a fourth menu with the boats in alphabetic order by builder; a fifth menu with boats listed by number of screws/engines, quadruple to single; a sixth menu with the boats listed by age, oldest first; and a seventh menu listing the credited photographers in alphabetical order, followed by a list of the boats where their photographs appear. Once you make your selection, the menu that you chose is the one that will continue to be shown, unless you decide to switch menus. Each menu will contain an entry labeled "Select a Different Menu"; clicking on that entry will return you to the "Select Desired Menu" menu. There's one other menu option, the Expanded Boat Names Menu, which works a little differently. If you select that option, a larger menu will appear in the middle of the page, with letter buttons to get you quickly into the menu wherever you want to be (A, B,...etc.). Another difference: when you click on a boat name in the Expanded Boat Names Menu, the page will display in a new tab. Both menus ordered by boat name now have all the names by which any of the boats in the Towboat Gallery have ever been known, whether we have photos of them with that name or not; when we don't have a photo of a boat with its current name, that name will be enclosed in parentheses. If you select a name for which we don't have a photo, you'll be taken to the page for that boat's current name. Please let me know if you find this feature useful.


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